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National Victims' Association

National Victims' Association

Contact details:
P.O. Box 111,
Tyne & Wear NE32 5TE
0164 298 4751 / 0777 564 6193 / 0798 262 6577


The National Victims’ Association (NVA) provides services that relieve persons resident in the United Kingdom who are in conditions of need, hardship and distress, particularly those who are suffering or who have suffered as a result of serious crimes such as murder and manslaughter, by provision of ‘peer support’ in the format of a helpline, home visits, social media and an advocacy and advice service.

We have been established for quarter of a century and we host the largest victims’ annual conference in the UK. Our experienced consultants have themselves been a victim of such heinous crimes.

We also run ‘care and respite’ projects from our base in the North East of England for people from all over the UK.

We additionally run children’s projects that enhances their wellbeing and welfare.