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The Coroners’ Courts Support Service

The Coroners’ Courts Support Service

Contact details:
11 Belgrave Road,
London W1V 1RB
0300 111 2141


The Coroners’ Courts Support Service (CCSS) offer emotional support and practical help to bereaved families, witnesses and others when they attend an inquest at the coroner’s court. Our trained volunteers are there to guide you through the day of the inquest.

A coroner’s court can be a bewildering and confusing place to attend. Bereaved families and witnesses often have little or no understanding of the processes and procedures and may feel that they have not been able to fully participate in the proceedings.

This may have an impact on their ability to recover or move on within the grieving process. The very difficult circumstances surrounding a death that warrants an inquest already makes the grieving process more complicated and difficult to manage.

The CCSS volunteers explain the processes, procedures and remit of the inquest, thus helping those attending to have a much better understanding of their role within this often-frightening environment. We will be there for you on the day.

The most important people we feel are those who truly need our service and attend an inquest and as one bereaved family member who recently attended an inquest described:

My sister and I attended an inquest into the death of her former partner and we wanted to write to make the coroner aware about how beneficial the coroners’ courts support service was to us.

The volunteer from the CCSS was so helpful and spent a good deal of time discussing forthcoming arrangements and answering any questions leading up to the event. She even arranged for my sister and I to visit the coroner’s court ahead of the inquest date so my sister could familiarise herself with the setting.

In addition, during the inquest duration, she organised for my sister to sit down as she responded to the coroner’s questions and arranged for her to leave the room early after the questioning had been completed.

My sister has suffered with severe anxiety attacks since the death of her partner and due to this her doctor had recommended she was not put under any undue pressure or stress. Therefore, the help from the volunteer and the CCSS was completely invaluable in combating the onset of such an attack. Her support and guidance helped keep my sister focused whilst her kind manner kept things steady.

We were both so grateful for the volunteer’s excellent support that we wanted to recognise her skill and kindness beyond our CCSS donation. The coroners’ court support service is an invaluable charity and the work of their volunteers is truly admirable.”

Call our national helpline on 0300 111 2141 open Monday to Friday 09.00 - 19.00 Saturday 09.00 - 14.00 or email at