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Victimcare was founded in 2006 by a small team based in South Tyneside.

Victimcare is a community interest company aiming to provide facilitation, training and multi-agency partnering opportunities to any organisations or individuals seeking to better understand and improve their interests dealing with victims suffering trauma as a result of serious crime.

Individuals and organisations that access the wide range of services available from Victimcare can and have included employers, voluntary and statutory victim’s groups, regional and national police forces, judiciary, teachers, GPS, mental health practitioners, criminal justice system representatives, students of criminology and victimology, the home office unit for justice and victims, the home office for health and safety, department of constitutional affairs, unions, ministry of justice, insurance companies and other victims’ voluntary and statutory organisations.

Victimcare manages respite and peer support projects on behalf of victim lead organisations and provides consultancy to agencies wishing to provide these services.